Alain Turgeon | About
I started taking pictures all the way back in my high school years and it has been a passion ever since. Born and raised in Northern Quebec, I have always enjoyed the outdoors, the diversity of our landscape, and our wildlife. So, naturally, this is what I enjoy capturing the most.

I recently re-located in “Beautiful British Colombia”. This is a photographer’s dream place; I am minutes away from the sea, countless fresh water lakes, rivers and waterfalls, unlimited hectares of forest, majestic mountains and an abundance of wildlife.

My gallery captures the diversity of North American landscape and wildlife as well as urban architecture and the people that call it home. It is my way of bringing to your eyes what I have the fortune of seeing and photographing.

I trust you will enjoy the viewing. Do not hesitate to share what you like with your friends and guestbook entries are more than welcome.